The encounter in 1983 between the director Maria Grazia Cipriani and designer Graziano Gregori gave birth to the Teatro Del Carretto, a creative union which has thrived ever since.

In Lucca, within the Teatro del Giglio where the Company is resident, the Teatro Del Carretto continues its research activity, and is recognised by the Ministry of Culture as one excelling in innovative theatre.

The journey has followed a course exploring the confusion and fusion between the fantastic and the real that produced, in 1983, Snow White, an emblem of the primitive cruelty of the fairytale. This production, based on the concreteness of materials and craftsmanship and aimed at exploring the secret of the encounter between the human interpreter and the puppet figure, immediately rocketed the company into the theatrical world.

The visionary research into the interior voyage, the dream and the concrete work in the theatre continued over the years, exploring the works of world-class playwrights such as Shakespeare, and also the wonders of myth and fable. A repertoire that includes, amongst others, Romeo and Juliet, A Midsummer Night's Dream, Beauty and the Beast, Iliad, Odyssey, Pinocchio, Hamlet, Joan at the stake and most recently Stories from the Thousand and One Nights. Since then, as a highly regarded presence in international theatrical research, the Carretto has travelled not only within Italy, but also throughout Europe and even further afield; demonstrating its capacity to overcome linguistic and cultural barriers.

It is for this reason that the company has been invited to several international theatre festivals : Paris, Lisbon, Berlin, Madrid, London, Prague, Budapest, Tel Aviv, Mexico City, Tokyo, Cairo and New York, Vilnius, Ankara amongst others - and was also asked to represent Italy at 'Italia-Russia 2005' in Moscow and Saint Petersburg and 'Italia-China 2006' in Beijing . On 2017 the Company was hosted at the Biennale Theatre in Venice with “Snow White”, “Pinocchio” and “The thousand and one nights”

Over the years the theatre has won the following national prizes:

  • 1991 UBU for dramaturgic and visual innovation.
  • 1995 ALDO TRIONFO for the evolutionary parabola of its work.
  • 2003 HYSTRIO 'Altre Muse'.
  • 2004 nomination for the 'Oscar dei Teatri' prize from ETI for The Odyssey for the best performance in innovative theatre.
  • 2009 ETI Award 'Gli Olimpici del Teatro' to the designer Graziano Gregori for the sets of Pinocchio.
  • 2009 Award of the Audience to Pinocchio as best show of the Baltic House International Theatre Festival in St. Petersburg.
  • 2010 Nomination as Best Show of the Year for 'Hamlet' at UBU Prize.
  • 2011 Nomination for the 'Oscar dei teatri Prize' for the sets of 'Hamlet'