The Trojan Women

From Euripide
Adaptation and direction Maria Grazia Cipriani 
Sets and costumes Graziano Gregori
Sound Hubert Westkemper 
Lights Gianni Pollini
Stage photo Tommaso Le Pera


Elsa Bossi

Monica Bucciantini

Francesca Censi

Ugo Giulio Lurini

Simone Olivi

Director's notes

Once the last echoes of the war have died away, the scene is set for Euripides’ tragedy in which bare humanity, deprived of divine consolation and even of fame, speaks, through the misery of body and voice, of destruction: neither justice nor explanations are sought, since there would no response save the roar of the waves.

At the sight of the lifeless body of the child Hecuba, Cassandra and Andromache make the scene ring with the grief of all those held prisoner, interrupted only by a series of visions they have evoked and which materialize before the eyes of the beholders: lightening flashes which suddenly illuminate and widen the stage’s horizon.

Theirs is a lament, a shedding of tears, a howl –a pure sound appearing always out of silence: the sound with which tragedy in all its inventiveness has moulded our understanding of life.

Maria Grazia Cipriani